Buying a reel lawn mower can be a dicey proposition. There are a lot of rumors out there that give reel mowers a bad name. While some of them may be true of older reel mowers, today’s reel push mower is completely different and more reliable than the ancient models. However, if you need some convincing take a look at the following ten reasons below on why you should buy a reel lawn mower.

It’s Lightweight. Reel mowers typically weigh only 15-20 pounds. This is a great deal because you not only save on shipping costs (which usually price by the weight) but also you can lift the reel mowers over things in your shed if need be or just hang them on the wall.

It’s Environmentally Friendly. These mowers are great for the environment because they are human powered, they don’t pollute one bit. There are no smelly lawnmower fumes to deal with, you don’t have to worry about if you have enough gas and it’s just easier on the environment not to mention yourself.

You’ll Save Money. Because you’re not buying gas to power the mower, you’ll be saving tons of money in the long run. If a gallon of gas costs roughly $3 and you use about a gallon to mow your lawn and you mow your lawn twice a week then you’ll save over $168. Obviously your situation could be different but in a scenario such as this the mower pays for itself in around 4 months

They are Easy to Maneuver. Because reel mowers are so light they are very versatile which makes them easy to maneuver around difficult places like trees, flower gardens, and other tight spots that other mowers have difficulty getting. They’re also so much easier to push uphill because of their weight that if you have a hilly yard it’s practically a must.

Reel mowers are also healthier for your lawn than the spinning blades on other mowers. Because the reel mowers use a sheering motion, the grass is clipped much more evenly and healthily than other blades. Normal mowers will rip the grass often tearing it unevenly and leaving it exposed for insects and diseases to attack the weakened plant.

You can’t beat the price of a these reel lawn mowers. Because of modern manufacturing practices, reel mowers are being constructed of high quality, yet cheaper parts and labor. This makes the reel mowers extremely economical and efficient. Even if you already have a primary mower, a reel mower will make a terrific secondary mower that someone else can use if you’re busy with the first one or if it runs out of gas, breaks down, etc.

Reel lawn mowers are great for small lawns. If you live in a city or even the suburbs that you have just a little bit of lawn to mow, it doesn’t make sense to get a giant mower. These mowers are small and easy to store under a deck or in a tiny shed and they get the job done in no time. In fact they are ideal for a small lawn.

It’s easy to sharpen the blades. The best way to get a professional looking lawn is to have sharp blades. It doesn’t matter what mower you have, the sharper the blades the better the cut. With gas powered mowers it can be very difficult getting the blade loose and then having it sharpened and re-installing it. With reel mowers, it takes maybe 15 minutes to sharpen the blades with a special kit (which only costs $15 bucks or so).

Safer than other mowers. Reel mowers are human powered so when you stop pushing the blade stops turning. You don’t have to worry about leaving the mower running while you try to clear clumps of grass and you don’t have to worry about shooting stones and sticks out the shoot towards the house. Reel mowers have a small blade guard that prevents you from getting your hand stuck in the blades (which only could really occur when your sharpening it).

It’s quieter than other mowers. Because there is not gas powered motor there’s no noise. There’s a quiet sheering sound as the blades pass over the sheering blade. So it doesn’t matter if you’re an early riser or a late night mower, you can get the lawn done quickly and quietly at any time.

If you’d like to know more about reel mowers check out my¬†reel mower review. If you do choose to buy a reel lawn mower, you’ll feel good knowing that you were able to make you lawn look good, get a good work out and help save the planet at the same time.

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