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There are many different varieties of wood to select from for your wood floorings. There are likewise many different floors covering options that can simulate wood floorings. However with so many different types of timber, just how can you know which will function best for you?

To aid you to choose, right here are some different types of hardwood floors, their advantages, and just how they make out on the Janka scale.

Popular Woods for Wood Floors

Red Oak

Red oak is one of the most generally used varieties of wood that home owners pick here, and also for good reason. It is hard yet fairly low-cost.

The Janka Scale, a range that gauges the firmness of wood, prices oak at 1290. Considered a harder types, red oak is a lot more durable than other woods that rate high on the Janka Scale. As well as yet, according to House Expert, the nationwide typical price of oak floors per square foot is only $2 to $6. This is the least pricey contrasted to walnut, which costs $8 to $16 per square foot according to Floor Doubters.


Walnut is likewise a very popular choice for house owners wanting to install timber floors. A very soft product for hardwood floorings, walnut ranks at 1010 on the Janka Range. And although walnut has a low rating, it is still a popular floor covering variety. As a matter of fact, according to a blog from CT Flooring Supply, walnut floors are simple to clean, and also they are immune to chips and also spots. Walnut also functions well for custom-made floor covering.


Hickory has a very glossy as well as sophisticated look that will certainly excite any individual that walks through your residence. Due to the fact that hickory is a really difficult timber that places 1820 on the Janka Scale, it’s an ideal choice for those looking for difficult floors. Nevertheless, for those seeking to do a customized setup, hickory may not be the very best selection. That’s because, according to an article from House Referral, hickory can be a challenging product to reduce and also sand.

For those with children or animals, having a softer species may be the most effective wager.


Mahogany is the softest type in this checklist, scoring 800 on the Janka Range. It is, however, still an exceptionally long-lasting and also secure species that provides long life. Plus, it is understood for its resistance to water damage and also wood termites.

Having a strong, resilient floor is good in cases where many individuals might be relocating throughout your home, or if you reside in a pleasant climate.

Limiting Your Options

Choosing the ideal species of timber for your hardwood floor eventually comes down to preference. There are, nevertheless, technological and stylistic elements that still enter into factors to consider. For instance, you might want a softer sort of wood for sturdiness or a more challenging species that can hold up to foot traffic in your house.

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